Web Design and Development

We have creative web experts who are well versed in developing websites according to the specific industry.

Just as websites differ by their business objectives, purpose, and function, the skills and expertise required to build successful websites differ as well.  That’s why we have chosen to focus on these types of websites

Corporate & B2B Professional

Our corporate B2B and B2C websites feature customer-centric design and value proposition, allow for a two-way communication with the customers, fully integrate with social media, and deliver experiences designed to convert visitors into customers.

Social Networks & Communities

From global social networks to specialty, niche, community-based websites, Intechnic has years of experience in online social network development.  Our Social Networks are designed to provide users a variety of ways to interact, collaborate and share their interests and activities with online communities, providing marketing and revenue benefits to our customers.


Successful websites in the entertainment industry are all about creating engaging and long-lasting experiences.  We achieve this through stunning design, targeted messaging, rich media and effective social media integration tailored for your audience.

E-commerce & Retail

We specialize in e-commerce solutions designed with one primary objective – to maximize your profits.  From targeting your customer base with carefully tailored customer-centric messages to optimizing organizational business flow, our e-commerce websites are guaranteed to generate a healthy ROI (Results On Internet).

Information Portals

We are experts in creating effective information portals of all sizes and purposes: directories, catalogs, document repositories, listings, articles, archives, and anything else that has to do with organizing, sorting and searching massive amounts of data. Our Information Portals can be built to be publicly accessible or on corporate Intranets/Extranets, which can also incorporate workflow management capabilities.

Visualization Solutions

Our visualization solutions help customers make purchasing decisions by letting them customize and preview products in various settings.  Our solutions enhance customers’ experience, boost confidence, and reduce the amount of time it takes to narrow down choices.

Consumer & Direct Marketing

Consumer websites focus on a single objective: to promote and sell your company’s products or services.  This is achieved by developing lasting bonds with your customers through experience strategy, social media, customer-centric messaging, strong value proposition and effective calls to action.

Custom Web Applications

We specialize in the development of custom Web Applications for any size or complexity.  Applications designed and built by Intechnic utilize the latest Internet technologies to combine rich functionality and robust management tools for a rewarding user experience.


A Microsite is a small, (typically one-page) website, that supplements a company’s primary website to promote specific products, services, or offerings.  Microsites designed by Intechnic make a great impact and can be deployed at a fraction of the time and cost of a larger website.

  • Information First, Design Second
  • Site should not “play but score”
  • The simpler the better
  • 24-hour global and local exposure
  • Real time connection and a long term investment
  • Cost-efficient & infinite marketing